Dr Oz Dental Makeover & Wildest Medical Emergencies Caught On Tape

Dr Oz’s show on March 11, 2011 is called Wildest Medical Emergencies Caught On Tape, and it will include amazing stories of real life-saving heroes.  One of the amazing stories is a Miracle Roadside Delivery where a man called 911 and saved his son’s life.  Doctor Oz will also show a cutting edge Mouth Makeover to transform your smile with dentist Dr Gerry Curatola.  UPDATE: here are links to the recaps:

Dr Oz: Wildest Medical Emergencies Caught On Tape

Sounds like Doctor Oz will be showing actual footage of shocking medical emergencies caught on tape.  Alice from Pine Mountain, Georgia will talk about how she Dr Oz Dental Makeovernearly died but was saved by an OnStar advisor named Janeice from Charlotte, North Carolina.  In fact, rumor has it that Janice will be paying a surprise visit to see Alice on the Dr Oz Show!  There will also be a couple, Jeremy and Amber from Oak Ridge, North Carolina, who had a Miracle Roadside Delivery of their son Colin because of a 911 dispatcher named James from McLeansville, North Carolina.  Dr Oz and 911 Dispatcher Gigi Smith from Draper, Utah will also give us a list of three mistakes to avoid anytime you call 911.  Click here to read about these medical emergencies: How To Deliver a Baby In a Car & Lung Transplant OnStar Advisor

Dr Oz: Dental Makeover & Dr Gerry Curatola

Dr Oz surprised Bonnie from Riverhead, New York to give her a Dental Makeover with Dr Gerry Curatola.  The exact details of what will be done in Dr Oz’s Dental Makeover have not yet been released, but it is sure to be good!  The last Dental Makeover on the Dr Oz Show you can read about in this recap: Tooth Veneers.  Click here to read about Dr Gerry Curatola’s Dental Makeover: Sea Buckthorn Oil Teeth Treatment & Dental Makeover

Dr Oz: Sea Ingredients Beauty Products

Dr Oz will be talking about Sea Ingredients being used in beauty products.  Do you know which Sea Ingredients can help to prevent wrinkles, clear up acne or even add shine to your hair?  Doctor Oz, along with two ladies from the audience – Tara from New Rochelle, NY and Peggy from the Bronx, NY, will reveal the latest in Sea Ingredient Beauty Products.  Click here to read about the best Ocean Potions: Dr Oz: Seaweed Shampoo, Dead Sea Salt & Green Algae for Wrinkles


  1. beth says

    Caught on tape? Like a tape recorder? Are these stories so old that a real tape recorder was used to capture the audio?

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