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Dr Oz Recap November 12 2012

If you have been struggling to lose weight even though you feel like you have been doing everything you are supposed to in order to burn fat and drop pounds, this could be the Dr. Oz show for you. This episode was dedicated to showing you how to Melt Your Fat Fast! How to Reset Your Secret Fat Loss Hormones, and there is even a 3 Day Detox Cheat Sheet for you to print out and put on your fridge! Would it surprise you to hear that losing weight is more about bringing balance to your hormones than what you eat or how much you exercise? When just one of your hormones is off balance, it can cause the entire structure to collapse, causing you to hold on to fat. Learn how you can take control of your hormones and your weight loss, including Dr. Oz’s 3 Day Detox Cleanse that will have you on your way to optimal health.

Dr Oz Reset Your Hormones Quiz & Dr Natasha Turner

Dr. Oz says there is a quiz you can take that will determine if your hormones are out of balance. His guest, Dr. Natasha Turner, explains that bringing balance back to your hormones is the first step in improving your health and making it easier to lose weight.

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