Dr Oz: Diabetes Urine Smell Test & PLE Sunscreen Pill Review


Dr Oz Recap January 10 2014

Today on the Dr. Oz Show he revealed whole body anti-aging solutions that are not only natural, but also inexpensive. Find out how soaking in an Epsom Salt bath literally takes inches off your waist and learn about a sunscreen pill that protects your skin from harm and damage. Next, learn a Diabetes urine smell test that reveals if you have the disease . Finally, Jenny Levison shares her recipe for a super soup that fights colds and flu to keep your family strong and healthy.

Dr Oz: Epsom Salt Bath for Weight Loss & Vitamin B3 Review

Dr. Oz shared natural anti-aging solutions that will turn back the clock to younger, wrinkle-free skin and the best part is that they are all easy to find and inexpensive! Keep reading to learn how soaking in an Epsom Salt bath can literally take inches off your waist and thighs!

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