Dr Oz: Diane Keaton’s Eating Disorder & Antiperspirant Blister Trick


Dr Oz Recap May 8 2014

Dr. Oz started today’s show by sitting down with Diane Keaton to talk about life, raising teenagers, and her battle with an eating disorder. Next, he talks to a controversial doctor who believes gluten causes harm to the brain and could even lead to Dementia. Get the shopping list of foods to protect your brain and keep you healthy. Plus, a podiatrist offers solutions to make your feet look sandal-ready, including antiperspirant to prevent blisters and a homemade foot scrub to heal cracked skin. Finally, get Dr. Oz’s best tips to sleep better at night as well as his wife’s favorite home remedy for a cold.

Dr Oz: Diane Keaton’s Eating Disorder & How She Defines Beauty

See Diane Keaton like never before when she talks to Dr. Oz about what she loves about raising teenagers as well as her battle with an eating disorder. Keep reading to see more of their candid conversation and to find out how Diane defines beauty.


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