Dr Oz: Dick Cheney Heart Review & Salad Plate Weight Loss Trick


Dr Oz Recap October 23 2013

Dr. Oz sat down with former Vice President Dick Cheney to talk about his personal battle with heart disease that has spanned 35 years. They discussed the heart attack he had while in office and the heart transplant that changed his life, but most importantly the gratitude he feels toward the organ donor whose generosity gave him a second chance at life. Dr. Oz revealed the truth about female energy drinks and whether they are right for you, plus learn a plate trick to lose 2 pounds a month! Finally, learn how to get a good night’s sleep and how to make healthier choices at a vending machine.

Dr Oz: Dick Cheney Heart Review and Heart Attack as Vice President

Dr Oz: Dick Cheney Heart Review & Salad Plate Weight Loss Trick

Dr Oz talked to Dick Cheney about his new book, Heart, which chronicles his 35-year battle with heart disease. (spirit of america / Shutterstock.com)

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