Dr Oz: Difference Between ADD and ADHD + What Causes MRSA?


Dr Oz Recap July 28 2014

Dr. Oz started today’s show by issuing a serious health warning aboutMRSA and how the superbug could be invading your home without you even knowing it. Find out what to look for and how to protect your family from a harmful infection. Next, learn about how Melatonin could be the natural remedy you have been waiting for to treat your Acid Reflux and end the burning pain once and for all. Plus, Dr. Roizen talks about the power of Chinese medicine to treat your biggest pain complaints. Finally, Lisa Ling talks openly about her adult diagnosis of ADD and how it has changed her life. As an added bonus, learn how a Tabata high-intensity interval workout could change your body in just 4 minutes a day!

Dr Oz: MRSA Prevention Tips & What Causes MRSA?

Dr Oz Tabata Workout

Dr Oz shares a Tabata workout that takes just 4 minutes a day, but offers huge results!


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