Dr Oz: DIM Complex Prevents Cancer & What Causes Leaky Gut Syndrome?


Dr Oz Recap February 21 2013

Dr. Oz talked to a woman who cured her son of Leaky Gut Syndrome by making changes to his diet and giving him an Omega-3 supplement every day. Dr. Oz outlined the symptoms and triggers that could signal you have Leaky Gut Syndrome!

Do you take vitamins and supplements every day? Dr. Oz has a few that you have probably never heard of before, but he believes you need to be taking them right now, including chromium, DIM complex, and Omega-3 krill oil. Keep reading to find out which one is Dr. Oz’s personal favorite!

Dr Oz: Leaky Gut Symptoms & Juvenile Arthritis vs Leaky Gut Syndrome

If your child was in pain, would you do everything you could to take it away? Dr. Oz talked to Susannah Meadows, a mother and journalist, who fought to end her son’s pain and cure his Leaky Gut Syndrome. Keep reading to find out how she did it and what her son’s doctor thought of method.


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