Dr Oz: Do Gel Manicures Cause Infections? Dream Power Journal Review

Dr Oz June 28 2013

Do your dreams have a hidden meaning about your health? The author of The Dream Power Journal said you can tap into your subconscious through dreams. This was one of the topics on Dr Oz’s June 28 episode. He also exposed something shocking about some nail salons, and what you should know before your next manicure. Here’s everything you missed from this episode.

Dr Oz: Do Gel Manicures Cause Infections?

Dr Oz: Do Gel Manicures Cause Infections? Dream Power Journal Review

Do gel manicures cause infections? It’s a salon warning.

Getting your nails done could be more risky than you ever thought. Harmful UV rays and a staph infection risk are just a couple red flags you need to be on alert for when you visit the nail salon.

Dr Oz: Gel Manicure Warning! Gel Manicures Cause Staph Infection

Dr Oz: Top Coat Extends Manicure

What else should you keep in mind before making your next mani-pedi appointment? Dr Oz explained how the top coat works and also why you should put on sunscreen before your next visit to the salon.

Dr Oz: Apply Sunscreen Before Gel Manicure & Top Coat Extends Manicure

Dr Oz: What Do Health Dreams Mean?

What’s the last dream you had that you remembered? Dreams could actually tell you a lot about your life, and an expert was on the show to explain what you should be paying attention to.

Dr Oz: Meanings Of Dreams & Health-Related Dreams Occur In a House

Dr Oz: Dream Power Journal Review & Dream Weight Loss

Cynthia Richmond’s book is called The Dream Power Journal, and she said we all dream every night. Did you know you can train yourself to remember the content of your dreams, which will help you understand their meaning?

Dr Oz: Dreams Help You Lose Weight & The Dream Power Journal Review

Dr Oz: Sweet Potatoes Prevent Wrinkles & Berry Spinach Smoothie

Dr Oz recommends adding vitamin supplements to your diet, but of course the best way to get nutrients is through food. Check out Dr Oz’s suggestions to get your body the healthy stuff it needs.

Dr Oz: Berry Spinach Smoothie Recipe & Sweet Potatoes Prevent Wrinkles

Dr Oz In Case You Missed It: June 28 2013

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