Dr Oz: Don’t Hide Your Legs, Lea Michele Acne & Nutrient Deficiencies


Dr Oz Recap July 3 2014

Dr Oz met with Glee‘s Lea Michele on the July 3 episode to talk about her health and beauty habits. He also covered topics related to allergies and nutrition. Then it was on to beauty, with the best remedies so you don’t have to hide your legs or be embarrassed. Also, discover your hunger type with an easy quiz. Here’s what you missed on Thursday.

Dr Oz: Lea Michele Acne & Healthy Eating

Dr Oz: Don't Hide Your Legs, Lea Michele Acne & Nutrient Deficiencies

Dr Oz said you don’t have to hide your legs anymore, thanks to the vein treatments that give you options. He shared these on the Thursday, July 3 episode. (AXL / Shutterstock.com)


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