Dr Oz: Dream:ON Sleep App Review & How to Buy Reading Glasses


Dr Oz: Recap January 9 2014

January 9 on the Dr. Oz Show he shared more ways to achieve your weight loss new year’s resolution, including how to add more fiber to your diet. Find out how much fiber you need every day and learn which foods contain the highest amount of this essential nutrient. Next, learn an eye-strengthening exercise and find out how to buy reading glasses without causing more harm to your eyes. Neil Shah sat down with Dr. Oz to discuss the harm stress can cause to your health and ways to reduce your anxiety, including the Dream:ON Sleep App to get better rest at night. Finally, Dr. Oz’s guests shared easy quinoa recipes for Blueberry Pancakes and Turkey Meatballs!

Dr Oz: Best Food Sources of Fiber & Daily Fiber Recommendation

Dr. Oz says one of the most important things you should be eating is probably the one you are eating the least. He explained the health benefits of getting enough fiber in your diet and revealed how many grams you need every day along with the best food options.


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