Dr Oz: DUI From Medicine & Osteoporosis Bone Booster Plan


Dr Oz: New DUI August 4 2011

Dr Oz’s Show on August 4, 2011 is about The New DUI, which is caused by taking Medication rather than by drinking too much alcohol.  If you or anyone you know takes Diabetes Medication, Cold Medication, Anti-Depressant / Anti-Anxiety Medication, or Allergy Medication, then you must read the full recap by clicking here: Dr Oz: New DUI!  We have all heard of people getting a DUI for drinking while under the influence of alcohol, but should people also get DUI’s if their senses are inhibited by medication they have taken?  Cold and cough suppressants can slow down how quickly your brain responds, but I bet that many of you would drive after taking cold medication without thinking twice.  Allergy medication can also cause problems for drivers because Antihistamines with an ingredient called Diphenhydramine can cause drowsiness.

Dr Oz: Osteoporosis Bone Booster Plan

Doctor Oz also did a segment with Vonda Wright to discuss Osteoporosis and Osteopenia Risk Factors.  Osteopenia is a condition that leads to Osteoporosis, and Dr Oz DUIunfortunately, women get plagued with it more often than men.  Dr Oz mentioned two big risk factors for getting both Osteopenia and Osteoporosis.  First of all, genetics plays a big roll.  If your parents shrunk in size as they aged or if you observe that you are losing 1.5 to 2 inches every decade, then these are strong signs of Osteoporosis.  Another indicator is if you seem to fall down a lot.  Dr Oz demonstrated how to do a Balance Test to help improve your balance and to decrease your chances of falling.



  1. marie harding from australia says

    Dear Dr Oz.I take ginger fusion everyday,but it makes me very hungry and eat more than I should.I am 130 lbs 5 ft 5 and 55 years old.Any advice?

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