Dr Oz: Dying To Be The Fattest Woman In The World


Dr Oz: Fattest Woman In The World

Dr Oz’s show on September 22, 2011 is called “Dying To Be The Fattest Woman In The World.”  Doctor Oz will introduce us to a 700 pound woman who wants to be the World’s Fattest Woman.  She currently weighs more than 700 pounds actually and she keeps gaining weight.  She eats between 20,000 and 30,000 calories per day.  And if you think that she wants to lose weight and get healthy, it seems like the answer is no!  She claims to actually enjoy being fat.  Plus, apparently there is a business in being fat.  Several men pay her money to watch her eat – can you imagine that?  Something is clearly wrong with our society, don’t you think?  Can Dr Oz save this woman before it is too late and she dies from obesity (or health related problems)?  It will be interesting to see if she accepts Doctor Oz’s offer to help or not.  Don’t forget to come back to wellbuzz.com on September 22 2011 for a full recap of everything that Dr Oz discusses on this show!


  1. Linda says

    That fat woman is stupid for not taking Dr. Oz’s advice. She likes being fat. Her legs are the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen. She can’t work because she’s too fat, yet she gets a lot of $$$ to buy food. How is that? I hope she does not get food stamps. Her medical insurers should drop her, she is getting sicker and soon will probably die. Her organs will shut down. She claims that she is healthy. Ha! No one that huge is healthy. With medical tests Dr. Oz proved that she is super unhealthy.She just smiled at Dr. Oz and just foolishness came out of her mouth. She should take his advice. I guess she does not love her children. She must need a head doctor. Funny how she smudges brown color on her cheeks to try and slim her face but it only looks like she has a dirty face. Yuk, her elbows are so dark like filth.

  2. says

    This situation is very unfortunate. So much time and effort is spent on individuals who are making little attempt if no effort at all and are given the oppunities which should be made available to people who are being successful and would welcome the oppunities for this level of professional assidtance which by Dr. Oz but are given the blow off. This is such a waste of air time on any planet.

  3. says

    This situation is very unfortunate. So much time and effort is spent on individuals who are making little attempt if no effort at all and are given the oppunities which should be made available to people who are being successful and would welcome the oppunity for this level of professional assistance which Dr. Oz supports but are given the blow off. This is such a waste of air time on any planet.

  4. CB says

    Maybe she has no other way of making the money she needs to support her children and she has convinced herself that it is alright to do what she is doing.

    There is some fear she has that is making her do this. I think she needs to be assured financial help as well as dietary and health assistance in order for her to stop this distructive path.

  5. Leeya says

    I’m a plus size person and to me if she wants to destroy her life that’s her business. But
    to make your children watch you commit suicide, possibly make them contribute to helping
    her is absolute child abuse. If you are offered medical help on nationwide tv and smurk
    and convince yourself your not hurting anyone is a crime being commited on those boys.
    THe courts should intervene in extreme cases like this especially if she is the only guardian
    for those boys. As long as she is responsible for them until 18, she better make it her
    business to be as healthy as she can be in order to keep those boys. If she wants to eat
    herself into oblivian thats on her, but not at the expense and detriment of those boys watching her daily killing herself – absolutely A B S U R D ! ! !

  6. Amy says

    I was completely apauled after watching this episode of suzanne liking and wanting to be obese, why in gods name would someone want to be so unhealthy and be ok with being that big, I myself am a “big girl” but nowhere as big as she. I want to lose weight and be healthy, and I am sure that the majority of overweight people want the same.. Something just isnt right about this woman , something had to happen in her life that she lost all hope and selfesteem in herself, that she has now built a wall so thick that not even she can break through and lives in total denial.. i hope that she will get the mental help she needs so she can finally realize that she is killing herself with here obesity! I mean my God if not for herself atleast for her 2 children who love her unconditionally and want there mother around!!!!

  7. JS says

    We have one body and one life to live in it. If she chooses to be super heavy than that is her choice and her business. If she feels what she is doing is right and feels as if she’s healthy than so be it! Get over yourselves people!!

  8. says

    Now for the other side of the story…..I hope this lady isn’t planning to be creamated because she won’t fit in the oven. She also won’t fit in the hearse or the casket. Has she even thought about this ??? Yes this is morbid but it’s true.I feel sorry for the people who have to deal with her “remains”

  9. lorboy says

    I saw some of this today and her assertion that she is healthy even in the face of him telling her that her all of the numbers which indicate health as well as the fact that she had what was probably a pulmonary embolism but they couldn’t confirm it because she couldn’t fit in the diagnostic machines was unbelievable.

    Her constant vacant smile and repeated assertions of being in perfect health were kind of creepy.

    She states that she keeps tabs on her “perfect health” but I wonder if she has has a psych evaluation? Something is just not connecting there

  10. says

    She is an ATTENTION SEEKER! So are the others who want to be the “fattest”….
    In that case she/they better NOT be recieving any “freebies” such as Skooters, Hoyer Lifts, free food,/ supplies, free/discounted medical care, PUBLICITY or money for achieving their silly goal.

    If they fall down the stairs, I’ll assume that they can manage on their own to recover. Same goes for personal hygene and everyday activity. They want to be 1000lbs? Fine – go to it. But you are COMPLETLY on your own!

    I don’t have the time to worry about narsasistic people.

    She/they better have enough money to provide for the children who may be left behind after “Momma has a massive stroke or heart attack.” They better have enough money to pay for the re-emburse the fire department for the over time. Don’t forget paying the Funeral Home for having to go through the trouble of dealing with their oversized remains.

    As a Fitness Professional (who is NOT a size 0 btw), this makes me angry.
    I have no sympathy for them then…. :(.

  11. Rosalee Adams says

    There was one on Dr. Drew last night and I swear she is the same one who has a son who cares for her, obviously at his own expense…………
    I also remember Dr. Oz brought out Ruby to speak with her.
    Was it on Dr. Oz or Dr. Phil? I wonder why she was seeking help from Dr. Drew when she was featured on either Dr. Oz or Dr. Phil
    Makes no sense.
    She needs inpatient like they do in a special hospital in Brooklyn?
    It has been featured on The Learning Channel………..

  12. says

    OH – I forgot to tape the Dr. repeat today! Maybe I can catch it on “On Demand”.
    I LOVE Ruby The Son & his own expense.. See? She’s a Narcasist. “Oh Son, Get your Mother another order from the take out place down the street. It’s the least you could do. Come on! I wiped your ass now it’s your turn to return the favour…”
    She is a selfish woman!
    Sorry – I just can’t stand these people wanting to be on T.V to be famous for ANYthing outrageous!

  13. Casey says

    What about the opposite side of this story that affects many many more women in this world and is glorified and perpetuated by the media: Anorexia. The health risks of anorexia are MUCH worse and affect MANY more women. Shows like this perpetuate this problem by pushing and pushing and pushing the fact that everyone needs to be skinny and thin to be beautiful and healthy.

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