Dr Oz: Eat Coconut Oil to Burn Belly Fat + What is Facial Contouring?


Dr Oz Recap February 7 2014

Dr. Oz started today’s show by sharing how eating healthy fats will help you burn more fat to get the thinner tummy you have always wanted. Also, even if you are lactose-intolerant it is still possible to get all the calcium you need through non-dairy sources. Learn Dr. Oz’s favorites and find out how much calcium you need every day to have a strong and healthy body. Dr. William Li joined Dr. Oz to discuss how certain foods can lower your risk for some cancers, including stomach cancer and lung cancer in women. Lastly, learn from an expert how to look 10 pounds thinner and find out the best way to end back pain due to a muscle strain.

Dr Oz: Eat Coconut Oil to Burn Belly Fat & FBCx Supplement Review

Dr Oz Eat Mustard to Ease Back Pain

Peggy Brill says professional athletes swear by eating mustard to ease the pain cause by muscle spasms. Learn more ways to treat your back pain fast!

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