Dr Oz: Eat Garlic to Cure a Yeast Infection & Cacao Nibs Ease Stress


Dr Oz Recap February 5 2014

Dr. Oz started today’s show by talking to Haylie Pomroy about The Fast Metabolism Diet and how certain foods can boost your metabolism while helping you burn fat and lose weight. Get the plan that will supercharge your metabolism and have you burning fat like never before! Next, learn which foods are best for boosting metabolism based on your body type and find out the best natural cures for yeast infections that you can try right at home. Also, Dr. Oz shares how to detox your body in less than an hour with dandelion greens or sesame oil. Finally, find out how what you eat for breakfast could be ruining your mood for the rest of the day when Dr. Oz shares the best foods to get more Serotonin and Magnesium into your diet.

Dr Oz: The Fast Metabolism Diet Cookbook & Protein Burns Stored Fat

Dr. Oz discussed The Fast Metabolism Diet, which will increase your ability to burn calories and lose stubborn body fat. Haylie Pomroy shares her 7-day plan that includes foods for boosting metabolism and burning fat.

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