Dr Oz: Eat Vegan Before 6:00 & Prebiotic vs Probiotic Health Benefits


Dr Oz Recap April 30 2013

Dr. Oz revealed a 3-Day Jump Start Cleanse to heal your gut and improve your health while increasing your energy. Dr. Alejandro Junger shared the three rules to follow and how to prevent “food dumping” while on the 3-Day Jump Start Cleanse. Dr. Oz also sat down with Mark Bittman to discuss his unusual approach to getting healthy and losing weight by eating vegan before 6:00, but anything you want after that time. Keep reading to learn recipes from his book and what suggestion Dr. Oz has for eating at nighttime.

Dr Oz: 3-Day Jump Start Cleanse Boosts Energy & Prebiotic Shake Recipe

Dr. Oz and Dr. Alejandro Junger shared the 3-Day Jump Start Cleanse to boost your energy and heal your gut while strengthening your immune system. They discussed the three rules you need to follow and even provided a prebiotic shake recipe to get you started!


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