Dr Oz: Embarrassing Questions Answered & Marilu Henner Memory Tricks


Dr Oz Recap February 13 2013

Dr. Oz answered the most awkward questions ever asked and no topic was off limits. He talked with a woman who was desperate for help with her butt boils and another who complained because she often experiences orgasms while jogging, but the number one most awkward question came from several women who have been asked when the baby was due, but they were not even pregnant! Find out what advice Dr. Oz had to offer them to reduce their bloating and avoid such a rude question in the future. He then talked to Marilu Henner about her total health transformation and her super memory!

Dr Oz: Most Awkward Questions Of All Time! How To Treat Butt Pimples

Dr. Oz answered the most awkward questions of all time! Maybe he answered one that you have been dying to ask, but were always too embarrassed. Have you ever experienced boils, or large pimples, on your butt? Dr. Oz had advice to help ease the discomfort and end your embarrassment!


  1. Una Woods says

    To reduce sweating underarms; apply milk of magnesium (plain) underarm for 1 month. Let
    dry completly before putting clothes on.

    Question? By eating fruit on an empty stomach will eleminate heart burn & indegestion. We have 2 digestion juices; one for fruit & the other for all other foods?

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