Dr Oz Essay Contest: Frederic Fekkai, Bobbi Brown, Bob Harper & More


Dr Oz: Best Of The Best

DR OZ FANS UPDATE: The recaps of this Dr Oz Show are now posted online. Here are the relevant links:

Dr Oz: 30/30 Smoothie, HGH, Fenugreek & Live Longer Secrets

Dr Oz: Bobbi Brown, Frederic Fekkai & Anti-Aging Secrets

Dr Oz: Choffy, Fiber Gourmet Pasta & Bob Harper Fat Burning Tips

Dr Oz: Alpha Lipoic Acid, Melatonin & Vitamin D: Super Supplements


  1. Mary Catron says

    The Best of the Best is a must see show. Thank you all for this vital information!! We are all responsible for our health by what we eat and how we live. Enter me in each prize. I will be 58 and could use some help.

  2. Billie Latham says

    Loved your show today! I LOVE peanut Butter … I would love a jar of nuttzo.. You are awesome and Mississippi Loves You… sent a text to my hubby to pick up a hugh bottle of Vitamin D, Thank you Dr. OZ
    Vicksburg, Ms

  3. Pam McCoy says

    I have set my recorder for everyday at 4 I just can’t miss this program, too much great info, I am looking forward trying nuttzo, From Brandon, Mississippi we love you and look forward to more information to share with other ladies…..I work for a plastic surgeon so we all want to look our best, enter me in every contest!!! Thanks!!!

  4. sadie kepley says

    I watch your show everyday thank you for all the information. enter me in each prize send me the best of best nutzo free thanks

  5. says

    I would love to try nutzo, I would also like to be entered in any of the prizes you have, I think you are one of the best doctors to come along in awhile, I love that you do so much holistic advising, too many doctors do not believe that is a way to heal.
    You are wonderful.

  6. Valerie Henry says

    I’ve been watching Oprah & you since you first came on the air. I admire your honestly about different health issues & because of you I’ve subscribed to various health mags, Example, Womens Health & also Fitness. I took a Pharmacy Tech course & i was abhored about the different chemicals & materials it takes to make the medication we use today. Thanks for keeping it real, Dr. Oz. Love ya…

  7. Judy Kaszas says

    I am very interested who won the essay contests for Frederick Fekkai, etc. When will they posted. Judy K

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