Dr Oz: Eye Twitch Remedy, Probiotic Yogurt & Child’s Pose For Gas Pain

By on June 11, 2013

Dr Oz June 11 2013

Discover what type of stress you have in your body and what the right thing to do about it is. You can get relief, as seen on Dr Oz’s June 11 show. Also, this episode covered bloating symptoms from many different angles, including probiotic yogurt, so there is a solution that could help you.

Dr Oz: Eye Twitch Remedy For Stress

Dr Oz: Eye Twitch Remedy, Probiotic Yogurt & Child's Pose For Gas Pain

Dr Oz’s June 11 episode explained the Eye Twitch Remedy and other stress solutions, as well as the benefits of probiotic yogurt for bloating relief.

Stress can affect each of us differently. Doctor Oz explained different types of stress to help you understand which one applies to you. He also shared an easy remedy if you have the stress-related symptom of eye twitching.

Dr Oz: Stress Long Term Health Effects & Stress Eye Twitch Remedy

Dr Oz: Passionflower For Natural Stress Relief

After you learn about different types of stress, find out what Dr Oz had to say about the alternative medicine remedies that you can use to get relief. Find the one that works for you and discover the power of these remedies to help you let go and relax.

Dr Oz: Passionflower, Siberian Ginseng & Vitamin C for Stress Relief

Dr Oz: Midday Bloating & Painful Gas

Many viewers have complained to Dr Oz about their bloating symptoms. Now he is sharing some ways you can get relief from common manifestations of this digestive symptom. If you frequently have midday bloating or painful gas, learn what may work to help you.

Dr Oz Biggest Bloating Complaints: Painful Gas & Midday Bloating

Dr Oz: Probiotic Yogurt Review & Schiff Digestive Advantage

Dr Oz talked about the benefits of probiotic yogurt to aid digestion. Plus, he gave viewers the chance to win a free sample of Schiff Digestive Advantage. Since this is an encore presentation of this episode, unfortunately the giveaway has ended.

Dr Oz: Free Schiff Digestive Advantage Probiotic Supplement Giveaway

Dr Oz: Child’s Pose For Gas Pain & Wind Relieving Pose

Would you believe that how you position your body could hold the key to getting relief from cramps or bloating pains? Learn how to move into the right poses that will naturally help your body’s processes.

Dr Oz: Wind Relieving Pose, Child’s Pose for Gas Pain & Bloating Foods

Dr Oz: Foods That Fight Belly Bloat

Potassium and fiber are two keys that can truly help you in the battle against bloat. Doctor Oz explained which foods you should be looking for on your dinner menu to help achieve comfort from the inside out.

Dr Oz: Potassium & Fiber Rich Foods That Fight Belly Bloat

Dr Oz In Case You Missed It: June 11 2013

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