Dr Oz: Eyelash Extensions Safety Tips & What is the Ambien Defense?


Dr Oz Recap February 20 2014

Dr. Oz began today’s show by discussing the disturbing side effects from taking Ambien sleeping pills. Learn why women are at greater risk and find out why so many people are using the “Ambien Defense” in legal cases. Next, Dr. Oz shares how a recent study showed how antiseptic mouthwash could increase your risk for a heart attack when used too often. Find out why and learn other ways to freshen your breath without putting your health at risk. Plus, Dr. Oz asks a beauty expert to provide solutions for your aging hands. They share tips and tricks to reverse the signs of aging due to sun damage and it just might be easier than you think! Finally, learn the truth about eyelash extensions and eyelash tinting when Elisabeth Leamy goes undercover to expose the risks involved with these popular beauty treatments.

Dr Oz: Ambien Side Effects & What is the Ambien Defense?

Dr Oz Eyelash Extensions Safety Guidelines

Dr Oz shared safety guidelines to follow the next time you consider getting eyelash extensions.

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