Dr Oz: Fanny Panties, Peptide Pen & Over 40 Survival Kit


Dr Oz: Over 40 Survival Kit

Dr Oz’s Show on June 27, 2011 presented his Over 40 Survival Kit.  With items like a Knee Plunger, Estee Lauder’s Peptide Pen and the BioFreeze joint treatment, he taught us how to cure everything from achy joints to wrinkles on our face.  Doctor Oz was joined by medical professionals who were all women over 40, including Heidi Skolnik, Peggy Brill, Evelyn Minaya and Susan Taylor.  I have been personally tried several of the products suggested on this show, and my top two favorites are definitely the Knee Plunger and the Peptide Pen.  I tend to get achy knees if I am on my feet all day, or if the weather is changing, and now my husband knows that whenever I start to say that my knees hurt, he should just pull out the “Knee Plunger!”

Dr Oz: Fanny Panties & Butt Boosters

Dr Oz also did a segment on Butt Boosters, such as Fanny Panties, Fanny Facials and Plie Squats.  Having the curse of a Dr Oz Over 40 Survival Kitvery flat butt, I love the idea of Fanny Panties that make your butt appear fuller.  I have tried several different brands of butt-boosting panties, and you can read a review of my favorite one here: Booty Pop Review.

Dr Oz: Red Wine Facial

Doctor Oz also spoke about some of his favorite “Over 40 Alternative Treatments,” such as a Red Wine Facial, a Citrus Foot Bath and Eyebrow Threading.  I recently tried Eyebrow Threading for the first time, and while it definitely still hurts, I found it hurt less than waxing or plucking with tweezers.  Plus, whenever I have my eyebrows waxed, I find that the skin in that area turns red for longer and it becomes harder to apply eye makeup for a day or two, but perhaps this is because I have very sensitive skin.  I found a fabulous place in New Jersey that offers eyebrow threading for under $10 (and they even have coupons on top of that!), so the cost of Eyebrow Threading definitely cannot be beat for me!  Click here for a full recap of this segment: Dr Oz: Red Wine Facial & Eyebrow Threading.


  1. Norma Robinson says

    Where can I purchase the fannie panties?
    What book should I purchase or get from the library regarding weight loss and calories?
    What is the best colon cleanser to take before I start dieting?

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