Dr Oz: Fat Busting Metabolism Boosters: L-Carnitine & More


Dr Oz: Fat Busters

DR OZ FANS UPDATE: The recaps of this Dr Oz Show are now posted online.  Here are the relevant links:

Dr Oz’s show on April 28, 2011 will be called Fat Busting Metabolism Boosters.  Are you failing to fight fat after you turn 40 years old?  Doctor Oz will give five revolutionary Metabolism Boosters to help melt the extra pounds away.  From a video clip, it looks like he will mention Shirataki as one of his Metabolism Boosters.  Late last year Dr Oz did a show on Shirataki Noodles, so if you missed that segment, you will definitely want to checkout this recap: Dr Oz Shirataki Noodles.  Apparently with Doctor Oz’s latest list of Metabolism Boosters we can exercise less and still lose more weight.  Dr Oz will also show some of his favorite Fat Busters which look like they just might be L-Carnitine, Konjac Root Fiber, Raspberry Ketone and White Kidney Bean Extract.

Dr Oz: Andrew Zimmern’s Cancer Fighting Foods

Dr Oz will also be doing another segment with Andrew Zimmern, host of Travel Channel’s Bizarre Foods.  Zimmern will share some of his thoughts on the Dr Oz Metabolism Boostersbest Cancer Fighting Foods.  The last time Andrew Zimmern was on The Doctor Oz Show, he spoke about bizarre foods like Stinky Tofu, Huitlacoche or Corn Smut and Cuttlefish Ink.  I hope that this time he will share foods that I will find slightly more appetizing!  If you missed his last appearance on Dr Oz’s Show, click here to read the recap: Dr Oz Bizarre Foods


  1. says

    April 28, 2011 – Today’s Show
    I missed most of the show that aired today, however, I did catch the few seconds where you spoke about the white kidney bean extract, but DID NOT catch what the other 4 products were. I’ve been searching for a good half hour trying to find out what the other 4 products were. Please help me out…. Thanks, Debbie in Ocala, FL

  2. joanne s says

    im trying 2 find out where u can get the konjac root fiber/white kidney beans extract on line. they had it typing across bottom of screen ” on line” but no site 2 b found PLEASE HELP! thanks

  3. joanne s says

    plus i cald a vitimn catolog store cause it would b cheaper, but they didnt hav it they said that glucomannan was the same thing. so does any1 out there know if this is true. thanks again joanne s.

  4. faith ross says

    What are the 4 items Andrew Zimmern talked about. I have the Aloe Vera, Devils Claw, Cactus Juice and missing the last one.

  5. says

    Faith, Andrew Zimmern spoke about the following as being Cancer Fighters: Aloe, Bottarga, Cactus Pear and Dr Oz mentioned walnuts as well. I will be posting a recap of everything shortly, and I will post the link here as soon as it is up!

  6. mary says

    dr oz please inform us as to where we can purchase the fat buster supplements I have tried to no avail. Thank you

  7. joan says

    MY aunt saw the show that you talked about sprinkling something on your food to help you to loose weight. Can you tell me what it is. You can buy it in a pharmacy for about 25.00
    for an 8 month supply?

  8. says

    I know for sure because I take it, Glucomannan/konjac root/amorphophallus konjac (tubers) is marketed as the same thing!! I use Swanson Vitamins brand; I order lots of things from them bi-weekly since 2003. swansonvitamins.com. This is also the main ingredient in over-priced weight loss pill Lipozene as seen on tv. I get Swanson’s instead for $4.99 (90 700mg capsules). So happy!

  9. says

    Also, swanson vitamins has most of the supplements in this episode and most of the things I read about. Usually, any health supplement I want, they have. There have been only 3 items over the past 8 years that I wanted but tgey didn’t have. Great prices & fast shipping too. I use Natrol slenderite as the white kidney bean extract. I originally started years ago with it as a means to aid in the control my diabetes actually; it’s a carb blocker.

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