Dr Oz: February Heart Health Month, Heart Attack Quiz & CoQ10 Review


Dr Oz February 4 2013

Dr. Oz shared some of the best ways you can melt away fat and lose weight, including adding coconut oil to your diet, drinking Matcha Tea and taking a Capsicum Extract capsule before you exercise. Find out what solutions he has that will help you burn fat and lose weight faster. He also shared important lifesaving tests that will help you determine your risk for having a heart attack. Check them out right now to find out the health of your heart.

Dr Oz: Coconut Oil Melts Body Fat & Will Red Wine Stop Fat Build Up?

Dr. Oz shared several solutions to help you melt away fat by taking a few simple steps and making a few easy changes to your diet. Would you believe that coconut oil can eliminate your belly fat and drinking red wine can block fat from building up? Read on to find out how they both work to help you lose weight.


  1. maria pantano says

    There is no information of on the first segment on C. L. A. and the other supplements. Please post some information regarding this.

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