Dr Oz: Flat Belly Plan, Green Tea Drink Recipe & MUFA Meals Guidelines


Dr Oz February 5 2013

Dr. Oz revealed his “Flat Belly Plan” to help you lose weight and blast your belly fat for good. He included a food plan and ways to reduce your stress, along with an easy and fast workout that will get you on the right track to trimming down your midsection! Doctor Oz took on some of your biggest leg complaints and shared the best non-surgical procedures to get rid of embarrassing spider veins and cellulite.

Dr Oz Greek Yogurt Shrinks Belly Fat & Flat Belly Plan With MUFA Meals

Dr. Oz outlined all you need to know to help you get rid of your belly fat once and for all. He shared the meal plan, along with a daily snack and green tea drink that will help shrink your tummy while leaving you feeling energized and satisfied! Keep reading to find out how Greek yogurt can help prevent fat from building up in your belly!


  1. Kathleen L. says

    I am looking for the one week diet plan, to burn belly fat, that was mentioned on today’s TV show. Please advise where the link is on this website for February 5, 2013. Thank you, K.L. (Will it be added to the site at a later date?)

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