Dr Oz: Flu Vaccine, Red Wine Increases Longevity & Shake Awake App


Dr Oz January 18 2013

Dr. Oz and a panel of medical experts discussed the flu vaccine and whether it is the right thing for you and your family to prevent from getting sick this winter. He also welcomed explorer Dan Beuttner to share his discovery of a new Blue Zone where people are living longer than anyone else in the world. Also, find out what Dr. Oz thinks about putting obese children on a diet.

Dr Oz: Flu Vaccine 62% Effective & Dr Oz’s Flu Shot Recommendation

Dr. Oz had an eye-opening discussion about the flu vaccine and how effective it is at preventing the flu. His personal recommendation regarding flu shots might surprise you, so keep reading to find out what Dr. Oz had to say about keeping yourself healthy this winter.

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