Dr Oz: Food Addiction vs Overeater & Positive Thinking Cures Cancer?


Dr Oz Recap March 18 2014

Dr. Oz started today’s show by discussing the important topic of food addiction and providing a 3-step plan to break the cycle end your dependency once and for all. Next, find out how your food cravings could be due to a hormonal imbalance and learn how to reset your body and end your need for junk food by following Dr. Oz’s advice. Plus, learn a solution for preventing urinary tract infections that works even better than drinking cranberry juice. Dr. Oz sits down with a woman who says she healed herself of terminal breast cancer through Radical Remission, which is focused on connecting your mind and body through positive thinking and other lifestyle changes.

Dr Oz: Food Addiction Vs Overeater & Recovery Plan

Dr Oz Cranberry Pill UTI Prevention

Dr Oz shares how taking a cranberry pill is more powerful for preventing a UTI than drinking cranberry juice.

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