Dr Oz: Fooducate App Review & What is an Ideal Blood Pressure?


Dr Oz Recap October 2 2013

Dr. Oz has a passion for heart health, especially since he is a heart surgeon, so today he shared 10 things about heart disease every woman must know! Find out what tips he shared to prevent heart disease as well as the reason why he says everyone should have a bottle of Aspirin in their medicine cabinet. Learn why you should never ignore snoring and whether or not skinny dipping can be bad for your health. Then find out which family Dr. Oz presents with an award for the best healthy casserole recipe!

Dr Oz: Aspirin Heart Attack Treatment & Heart Disease Prevention Tips

Dr. Oz says there are many ways for women to prevent heart disease and he shared several on today’s show, including getting 7-8 hours of sleep and laughing more often. Also, find out why everyone should have a bottle of Aspirin in their home!



  1. Lorraine says

    Please don’t publish my e-mail address. I missed the beginning of your show, and there wasn’t a summary at the end. What is an ideal blood pressure reading and at what age should one start? I’m 67, and get regular b.p. checks; concerned about sons 36, and 41, due to family history. Thanks.

  2. says

    The idea blood pressure is 115/75, and Dr Oz recommended that people in their early 30s know or monitor blood pressure. It’s easy to do with at-home monitors.

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