Dr Oz: Foot Cramp Home Remedies & 2-Week Rapid Weight Loss Diet


Dr Oz Recap March 20 2014

The entire month of January was dedicated to YOU and that is why Dr. Oz renamed it “JanYOUary”! He started the month by discussing the most popular new year’s resolution, which is to lose weight, with his Two-Week Rapid Weight-Loss Diet! Find out what foods to eliminate and which ones you can eat all the time to lose as much as 9 pounds in two weeks! Next, learn what your feet reveal about your health, including the surprising reason you have hair on your toes. Lastly, Dr. Oz shares remedies for acid reflux to soothe your discomfort without pills.

Dr Oz: Two-Week Rapid Weight Loss Diet Elimination Foods

Dr Oz Foot Cramp Relief

Dr Oz recommends drinking more water and eating a banana to relieve foot cramps.

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