Dr Oz: Football Concussion Risk & Treat Bunions Without Surgery


Dr Oz Recap October 30 2013

Dr. Oz started today’s show by sitting down with People’s Court Judge Marilyn Milian to talk about her recent bunion surgery and the painful and long recovery that followed. Find out if she would ever put herself through it again in the future! Next, Dr. Oz got some tips from his medical colleagues who shared their favorite home remedies, including one to relieve sinus congestion in the bathtub. If you have ever been concerned about a parasite infection, the next segment is for you. Dr. Oz revealed what causes parasite infections and the symptoms you should never ignore.  Finally, learn why you need to have some form of Elderberry on hand this cold season and how Dr. Oz weighed the football concussion risk for his own son.

Dr Oz: Bunion Risk Factors & Bunion Toe Strengthening Exercise

Dr Oz: Football Concussion Risk & Treat Bunions Without Surgery

Dr Oz says the benefits of camaraderie and character-building outweighed the risk of a concussion when he made the decision to allow his own son to play football.


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    How many minors suffer serious injury practicing and/or playing tackle football? The injuries are not limited to concussions. There are other team sports. Your endorsement of tackle football has undermined your credibility. Did you accept compensation for that NFL advertisement?

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