Dr Oz: Forskolin, Banaba Leaf Tea & Naked Diet


Dr Oz: Naked Diet July 22 2011

Dr Oz’s show on July 22 2011 is called The Naked Hour, because so many of us do not feel comfortable being naked – not even in front of our spouses!  Doctor Oz even brought on a lady who has never been naked in front of her husband before (click here to read about it: My Husband Has Never Seen Me Naked).  But my favorite portion of the show was Dr Oz’s Naked Diet, which was packed with great tips on how to look amazing when you are naked.  Some of the advice included taking Forskolin to burn fat and cellulite, drinking Banaba Leaf Tea (yes, it is Banaba Leaf and not Banana Leaf Tea!) to lower your blood sugar levels, and taking Magnesium supplements to help with bloating.  If you have tried any of these supplements or natural remedies, please share with us how they are working for you by leaving a comment in the section below!


  1. nancy says

    i saw the original show w/ dr mike when he suggested the forskolin and grape seed extract and apple pectin tabs. Ive been taking them for over a month now and have seen no difference in my weight. was a waste of time and alot of $ i really couldnt afford but i figured i’d give it a try. hope someone else had better results. on another note, i do use the african mango seed extract capsules like dr oz recommended before and i have seen some results w/ those. Good luck to all who seek better health! Nancy

  2. doris wurthner says

    You mentioned on your show about having a dark place under the armpit. i have a place that looks like a bruise. I thought it was from gaining weight., although I don’t have it under the other arm.

  3. Rifleman says

    I have been using Banaba Leaf capsules for around 60 days now, and I have not noticed any improvements in my blood sugar lab results. I am not over weight, so I had no issues with those aspects of this. It seems that there just isn’t enough research on Banaba Leaf yet to make any realistic claims about it, other than in lab rats.

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