Dr Oz: Gary Arbuckle HCG Diet & Vinpocetine Herbal Healers


Dr Oz: HCG Diet & Gary Arbuckle

Dr Oz’s Show on August 23 2011 was all about the HCG Diet.  Are HCG Drops and HCG Shots a Weight Loss Miracle or just a bunch of hype?  Doctor Oz brought people onto his show from both sides of this controversial diet.  For example, Gary Arbuckle’s HCG Diet consisted of the HCG Drops which helped him to lose 35 pounds in just 40 days.  Arbuckle claims that the HCG Drops he sells to people are all inspected by the FDA and that they are just as effective as HCG Shots.  However, Dr Sheri Emma told Doctor Oz that the HCG Drops do not work because they only contain trace amounts of actual HCG and they are purely a homeopathic medication.  Dr Sheri Emma, even though she disagrees with Gary Arbuckle’s HCG Diet, is a strong advocate for the HCG Shot which she prescribes for her patients in New Jersey.  Click here to read more about both the HCG Shot & HCG Drops.

Dr Oz: Vinpocetine, Usnea & Castor Oil

Doctor Oz also did a segment on Herbal Healers with Bryce Wylde, host of Wylde on Dr Oz HCG Diet August 23 2011Health.  He said that Usnea is great for upper respiratory problems such as Bronchitis, dry coughs, and wet coughs.  You can also use Usnea to heal infections by combining 1 part Usnea with 5 parts of a heavy stock cream.  Wylde told Dr Oz that Vinpocetine is a Herbal Healer that boosts your memory by increasing the amount of blood flow to your brain.  And the final Herbal Cure was to use Castor Oil to help with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or strains.  You simply apply the castor oil to a piece of cloth that you wrap around your injury.  Cover the cloth with plastic wrap and put yet another rag on top of the plastic wrap.  On the very top you should apply something warm (like a heating pad) for 30-45 minutes.  Click here for complete details on all of these Herbal Healers.

Dr Oz August 23 2011:

Here are the links to recaps of everything that Dr Oz spoke about on this August 23 2011 episode of the Doctor Oz Show:



  1. Nancy Miller says

    Castor oil wraps were first discussed by Edgar Cayce. The A.R.E. has archives of all the cures & treatments he recommended while he was in trance. Modern medicine is now showing that they do in fact work. Why not do a show on Cayce?

  2. sharon deluce says

    what was the name of the supplement that dr oz advised the lady with the bad legs to take??

    i can not find the answer any where online…………. thanks you very much

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