Dr Oz: Gluten Diet & Gluten Myth August 11 2011


Dr Oz: Gluten Myth

Dr Oz’s Show on August 11, 2011 is called The Gluten Myth: Is It Really Making Us Fat?  The Gluten-Free Diet seems to be the latest craze that people are embracing – but does it help you to lose weight or can it actually make you gain weight?  Of course, if you have Celiac Disease or a Gluten Sensitivity, then you should avoid gluten and go on a Gluten-Free Diet, but what about people who have no Gluten Allergy and simply are going Gluten-Free as a way to lose weight?  Well, Samantha Cassetty, a Nutrition Director of Good Housekeeping Research Institute, told Doctor Oz that there are three main problems with Gluten-Free Products.  First of all, they have more calories – not a good thing for people trying to lose weight.  A Gluten-Free Waffle was found to have 270 calories, compare to a regular waffle which has 140 calories.  The second problem is that Gluten-Free Products are lower in fiber, which means that you have to eat more in order to feel full… again, not a good thing for people on a diet!  And the third problem is that Gluten-Free Products tend to have more “bad carbs” which spike your blood sugar.  So the general consensus was that unless you have Celiac Disease or a Gluten Sensitivity, you should not put yourself on a Gluten-Free Diet.  And if you have to be on a Gluten-Free Diet, you should avoid the pre-made packaged Gluten-Free food products, or you might notice yourself putting on the pounds.

Dr Oz: Middle Age Cures

Dr Oz also did a segment on Middle Age Cures, like Chicory Root for constipation, Dr Oz Gluten-Free DietLemon Balm Oil for Stress and Sage Tea for Menstrual Cramps and Bloating.  Chicory Root can help to “unclog your pipes” and is great for people who love coffee because you can drink it in a similar form – or you can even get Chicory Coffee.  Another tip is to add a few drops of Lemon Balm Tincture to a glass of water to help with stress and anxiety.  And the next time you feel menstrual symptoms coming on (like bloating and cramping), make yourself a cup of Sage Tea!


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