Dr Oz: Gluten Myth, Gluten Diet & Dr Oz’s Weekend Challenge


Dr Oz Gluten Diet

Dr Oz: Gluten Myth: Is It Really Making Us Fat?

Doctor Oz’s show on Wednesday March 23, 2011 is called The Gluten Myth: Is It Really Making Us Fat?  Dr Oz is going to talk about the Gluten Free Diet, which is one of the latest and hottest new diet trends.  Is going Gluten-Free a good way to lose weight?  Or are there even more calories in the Gluten-Free version of products?  Some people claim that by going on a Gluten Diet, you are actually eliminating something that could help you to lose weight.  Plus, Dr Oz will talk about the difference between a Low Carb Diet and a Gluten-Free Diet.  Other topics to be covered on The Dr Oz Show on March 23, 2011 include the causes of body odors and a variety of ancient cures.  Sounds like a great show!  Don’t forget to come back to wellbuzz.com on March 23, 2011 for a full recap of all of Dr Oz’s segments!  UPDATE: The recaps of this segment of Dr Oz are now posted!  Click on the following links to get all of the details on Dr Oz’s Gluten Free Diet:

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