Dr Oz: GMO Genetically Modified Foods


Dr Oz: GMOs July 21 2011

Dr Oz’s show on July 21, 2011 is about Genetically Modified Foods or GMO’s.  80% of Doctor Oz’s audience said that they would not purchase food marked as being Genetically Modified, but the only problem is that food companies are not required to write this on their packaging!  The only way that you can be guaranteed that your food does not contain any GMO ingredients is by buying only Organic Foods.  So what are the potential positives of genetically engineering our Dr Oz GMOfood supply?  People argue that it can make food cost less, while making the produce more hearty and resistant to diseases and potentially you could even decrease the amount of pesticides used.  However, the dangers of GMO’s include things like organ damage, increase in allergies in the population, decreased fertility and pesticide resistance.  Genetically Modified Foods have already been banned in 5 countries across Europe including Austria, Hungary, Luxembourg, France and Greece.  I think that at the very least, consumers have the right to know when food manufacturers are using genetically modified ingredients in their products, and that the US government should make it mandatory that they label their foods as such.  What is your opinion on this topic?  Please leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

Dr Oz: Green Clay Mask

Doctor Oz also spoke on his July 21, 2011 show about Uncovering Buried Beauty Secrets.  For example, the Mayan Civilization makes a Green Clay Face Mask out of Green Clay or Kaolin Clay, rose water, aloe vera and essential oils, which improves your circulation, cleanses and tones.  In Ancient Greece, they do Olive Oil Hair Masks to smooth and condition their hair before they shower.  And In Ancient Egypt, they bathed in milk and honey because milk helps to exfoliate your skin, while honey is a great moisturizer.



  1. Bonnie Eldon says

    I find it criminal that the USDA has pushed this industry onto consumers. We are not only a human health experiment (as these foods/organisms have not been 3rd party tested) we are pawns in an economic experiment. Monsanto etc. are not interested in “feeding the world.” They are interested in making as much money as they possibly can. They have “patented” food crops and are strong arming farmers and researchers. LABEL THESE FOODS and then see how “successful” they are.
    The USDA’s recent complete unrestriction of GMO Alfalfa will devestate the Organic Dairy industry and Organic Green Foods/Drinks in a matter of years.
    I am so glad to see this issue brought up on the Dr. Oz show. Please follow the story!!!

  2. Bonnie Eldon says

    These are CHEMICAL companies. They are not interested in “feeding the world.” They want to sell their CHEMICALS!
    And they are making million$ doing so.

  3. Ginny Traynor says

    I am in favor of clear labeling of GMO and NON-GMO foods. We need to be able to choose.
    I would also like to know how GMO foods are different from hybrids?
    Someone (the FDA?) should fund a long-term study about the effects of GMO foods on our bodies, esp. diseases.

  4. Charlene Stone says

    Montsano is not only producing these monster foods, they are diriving ordinary farmers out of business with very unethical practices (to say the least). And, from scientific research I have read, the bumper crops are not happening…in fact, all the RoundUp required to grow them is having an adverse effect on the soil (I should say the earth). Why is it they refuse to label the stuff? Remember the growth hormones in milk — they didn’t want that listed either — the the public prevailed. I hope we preval in the GMO case too.

  5. says

    I am against genetically Modified foods. When I was in Europe it was so refreshing to see sign s up that stated they did not sell GMO foods. I feel strongly that that these foods must be labeled. Please continue to bring this to up in your shows as we need to make people more aware of the lack of labeling of these foods.

  6. Sharon Swanson says

    I am against GMO foods being on the market, but at the very least we should be warned. I read that certain foods should be organic because they pick up more pestisides than others. I’ve been careful to get those foods as organic, however, I can’t afford everything we eat to be orgainic. I do not want GMO foods for my family and I shouldn’t be tricked into eating them.

  7. says

    There is ton’s of research, proof and information about GMO foods and most of it is not “good”. Pretty soon you will not be able to buy even “Organic” foods that are not contaminated with GMO seeds. If you want to know more about it watch the movie, “Food Inc”. The link to the trailer is above.

  8. barbara says

    OK…they didn’t post the link so here it is again…”http://www.foodincmovie.com/”

  9. says

    I’m looking forward to get a petition started to demand the labelling,what their being let do to the small farmers. All the money the science are getting to come up with this lol,is it for the people or pharmaceutical

  10. Karen says

    I is criminal to sell this to our population. In Switzerland you are put in jail for attempted murder if you produce a product that can be harmful to people’s health. Here it is very open, anything goes.
    But all have the right to know what they want to consume. Monsanto is some of the biggest criminals ever. They would be in prison tight now if it were Switzerland. They are coming out with better and better lie detector tests. Someday in the future when they have it perfected, I would be in favor of slapping a lie detector test on all of them to weed out the rotten eggs that run our society. Then we will see who is criminal and who is not.

  11. Andrea says

    I’m against Genetically Modified Foods and believe that they should have to label ALL foods that are modified in any way at all!!!! I’m also concerned about what damage this modifying has already caused not only in people, but in our earth too… Everything has a roll off affect and I hope this isn’t one that will continue to harm our food chain.

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