Dr Oz: Great American Stress Test & Conjugated Lionleic Acid


Dr Oz Stress Test

DR OZ FANS UPDATE: The recaps of this Dr Oz Show are now posted online.  Here are the relevant links:

Dr Oz’s Great American Stress Test will be revealed on The Doctor Oz Show on Monday, April 11, 2011.  He will speak about not only why it is so crucial that everyone understands their stress levels, but all of us will be given the opportunity to take Dr Oz’s Stress Test to see just how much stress we have in our life.  Are you stressed?  Or burned out?  Dr Oz will talk about the difference and how differentiating between the two can actually save your health.  Doctor Oz has done several other shows where he gave Stress Tests, so if you missed out on those shows, you should definitely check these links out: Dr Oz Marriage Stress Test and Dr Oz Stress Test.

Dr Oz: Conjugated Lionleic Acid: Good Fats

Doctor Oz will also speak about something called Conjugated Lionleic Acid (CLA), or “Good Fats,” which we are often missing from our diets.  Do you know what Dr Oz Stress TestConjugated Lionleic Acid are?  I did a little bit of research and found that Conjugated Lionleic Acids are generally considered a Good Fat or a Healthy Fat which may even have anti-cancer properties.  Kangaroo meat is supposed to have the highest amounts of Conjugated Lionleic Acids, but since that is not very accessible to the majority of us, another good source for Conjugated Lionleic Acids are grass-fed beef.  It has been found that both milk products and meat from grass-fed beef has 300-500% more Conjugated Lionleic Acids than grain-fed animals.  Sounds like yet another reason to focus on buying organic, grass-fed animal products over the usual grain-fed animal products that the majority of us consume.  I wonder what Dr Oz’s take on Conjugated Lionleic Acids will be!

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