Dr Oz: Hair Removal & 700 Pound Woman: July 28 2011


Dr Oz: 700 Pound Woman

Dr Oz showed Colleen Williams, a 700 pound woman, and her husband Derek Williams, on the Doctor Oz Show on July 28, 2011.  Doctor Oz has been committed to helping Colleen lose weight.  Here is a link to a recap of the first time she made an appearance on Dr Oz’s show: Dr Oz 700 Pound Woman.  However, Colleen’s issues run much deeper than to say that she just eats to much and does not move around enough.  She also has serious relationship problems, because she found out that her husband Derek cheated on her.  You can read full recaps of everything that Colleen and Derek had to say to Dr Oz at the following links: Dr Oz 700 Pound Woman Returns and Dr Oz Marriage ProblemsDr Oz Laser Hair Removal

Dr Oz: Laser Hair Removal

Doctor Oz also did a segment on two Laser Hair Removal treatments: the Gentlemax Laser & Tria At-Home Laser Hair Removal System.  Dr Ann Chapas joined Dr Oz to demonstrate how she does a Gentlemax Laser Hair Removal Treatment.  She said it takes about 3-6 treatments before the hair is permanently gone and it costs between $200 and $1000 per session – so this is a pricey proposition unfortunately.  However, Dr Chapas said that for those who cannot afford the Gentlemax Laser Hair Removal, you can get an At-Home Laser Hair Removal System called Tria which is FDA Approved to remove hair from your body.  However, the Tria cannot be used on facial hair.  The Tria System costs $395.  I have received tons of feedback from all of you asking for a personal review of the Tria Laser Hair Removal System and for more information about the product, so I will certainly do my best to get my hands on a machine so that I can write up a review for you!



  1. Shannon Macri-Meriden,ct says

    I must admit. If I had a 700 lb wife or girlfriend… I’d cheat. I wouldn’t put up with a female that was eating like a pig,was lazy and weighed over 200 lbs let alone 700 lbs.
    Obesity is laziness and bad diet habits. Less than 1% of all obesity is linked to a thyroid issue.
    So stop being so lazy and learn to cook healthy meals lard asses! You’re the reason health care is so expensive .
    Obesity should never be accepted. Our children in this country are well on their way to many diseases associated with obesity. Obesity happens because of laziness and parents that won’t teach their kids healthy habits. It’s so terrible.
    I can only imagine the health problems facing our country in 10-15 years due to the current obesity crisis.

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