Dr Oz: HCG Diet: Weight Loss Miracle or Hype?

By on June 28, 2011

Dr Oz HCG Diet

Dr Oz’s Show on June 28 2011 is all about whether the HCG Diet is a Weight Loss Miracle or Hype.  We have all heard about HCG Drops and even HCG Shots, which many people claim have helped them to lose lots of weight.  But does it really work?  Dr Sheri Emma told Doctor Oz that HCG Shots do in fact work, but that HCG Drops are essentially a scam because they are just Homeopathic Drops and contain tiny, insignificant amounts of HCG.  However, people who have tried the HCG Drops told Dr Oz that they really worked for them.  Click here to read about people who told Doctor Oz that the HCG Diet really worked well for them: Dr Oz HCG Diet, and here is a link to a recap of the people who claim it does not work and that it is actually dangerous: Dr Oz HCG Diet Risks & Dangers.  So what do you think?  Have you tried the HCG Diet, and has it worked for you?  Would you consider trying it or do you think it is dangerous?  Please leave your thoughts and experiences in the comment section below!

Dr Oz: Vinpocetine, Usnea & Castor Oil

Doctor Oz also did a segment on Herbal Healers along with Bryce Wylde.  They spoke about the merits of Vinpocetine, Dr Oz HCG DietUsnea and Castor Oil.  Usnea can be used to treat infections in an antibacterial cream, or it can also help with upper respiratory issues such as wet or dry coughs and Bronchitis.  Vinpocetine comes from a plant that helps to boost your memory.  And Castor Oil can be very helpful in treating Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – who would have known?

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Comments to Dr Oz: HCG Diet: Weight Loss Miracle or Hype?

  1. I live in Halifax NS and I have been trying to loose weight forever, this sounds GREAT, but where would I get the HCG DROPS here? Please help!!!!!

  2. adele hayden says:

    dr.oz hcg is the greatest thing that had ever came out.i have been on hcg since 6 may 2011,i have lost 27.5 pounds.also i have a lot of energy.i tried other diets they didnt work. hcg.results is excellent.i just need to figure out on phase 2 how to spice up the vegetables yuk.i love vegetables.and i need help on phase 3 i do not know what to eat help

  3. adele hayden says:

    ps i am on the drops they are great

  4. To get the highest grade quality hcg without a doctor’s license go to wholesaledirect.net. This factory sales mostly in bulk but you can also get individual bottles for less than anywhere else! AND they will beat anyone’s price IF you can find the same quality for less. They are an FDA registered lab and I’ve never had problems with my shipment. AND shipping is FREE!

  5. OH, and they will send you a 102 page COOK BOOK to spice up the meals so you don’t get bored with the diet!

  6. Deborah. Celis says:

    I am 43 and have hypothyroidism, and after countless attempts to lose weight using every so-called miracle pill, diet, and regime out there I have finally discovered the true miracle in the hCG drops. No, I did not trick my mind into thinking I wasn’t hungry while losing 23 lbs in 5 weeks! If that had ben the case, all the other attempts would have worked too–especially the more expensive ones! I truly was not hungry, had no side effects, and felt more healthy, energetic, and just downright. Happy the whole time. It has been a year and I have kept it off, too! When I went inmy last doctor’s appointment, my doc was amazed, though not willing to give credit to the hCG. He laughed and told me it was mind over maater, and I laughed right back at him, telling him that sooner or later the medical profession will have recognize the fact that this really works because I–as well as thousands of others, are living proof!

  7. adele hayden says:

    dr oz where can i find a diet book .i need help on my recipes on hcg

  8. I lost 23 pounds in 26 days using HCG. I was really skeptical, but I had two doctors recommend it so I gave it a try. It seemed preferable to surgery. It worked great for me, and now several other people in my workplace are doing it, too.
    It was not easy, and it is not for everyone, I guess, but it sure worked great for me!

  9. Hi,
    THESE REALLY WORK. I lost 50 lbs. and my husband 24, I actually am a distributor of these miracle drops… I sell the 45 day 4 oz. bottle for $75, check out my website and testimonies….and before and after pictures. THEY DO WORK. I followed it to the letter for the original Dr. Simmeons Protocol and it works.

  10. What I would really like to know is if the people who lost weight on this diet have kept it off. Anyone can lose weight when they eat less than 1000 calories a day, but what happens when they go off the diet? Where are they a year, or even six months later?

  11. Ann, I have been off the program now for 2 months and have kept all but 2 lbs off. I eat anything I want; candy, cookies, cake/ice cream, bread in any quantity. I was very skeptical
    in the beginning because I have tried numerous diet plans. But this does work. I admit that I
    did not stick to it perfectly and still lost weight .

  12. I have finished my 3 rounds for a total of 70 lbs. LOST in under 90 days following it STRICTLY!!! I did so well I began to sell to help others, my husband finished w/ 35-40 lbs. using the HOMEOPATHIC drops!! We want to help others as well.

  13. hi my name is jenny and i was wondering if i should order the drops or the shot i want to loose about 50 pounds i guess my qustion is is one more affective then the other and or were there diffrent side affects?

  14. HCG diet does work and very easy fast way to loose weight, even if you do cheat a bit on it you still to loose weight, most people do not experience any side effects from it but you never know if you going to be the one who suffers from it, it can cause severe hair loss, carpal tunnel or at least worsen the symptoms, cardiac pain, dizziness and thyroid imbalance, maybe not drops but Injection and pills seem to provoke those symptoms, I have experienced some of the symptoms and by doing diet second time I have confirmed that the diet causing those symptoms, I have to stop this diet due to severe pain in my arms and numbness, which I never had before. So its a bummer, I love this diet and was looking forward to it but have to quit. Be safe..

  15. VIRGINIA V says:

    I’m surprised Dr Oz said the HCG diet worked because it gave women morning sickness. That is nonsense. The orginial diet came from Dr. Simeon in the 1940’s. You can read his medical journal by googling his protocal. HCG is the hormone that nature uses to release the fat of a Pregnant woman’s body so that the baby inside has access to food 24/7 , instead of just when she is eating,. You’ve heard that the baby will get what it wants and take it out of the womans teeth. That is what HCG does, so if you’re on the diet your body has fat floating around in your system, as if you were on an IV, that is equivalent to 2000 calories, the 500 extra to eat is to get enough protein in your body. If you are hungry on the diet increase your protein.

  16. Virginia V says:

    I get the HCG from SafeMeds4all.com Everyone I know says this is the only way to lose weight because it burns of the fat, not the stored reserves as other low cal diets do.. I order 20 of the Ovidac 5000 iu, It costs like $17 per box for 21 days worth.

    I add 2ml of bacteriostatic (sterile) water to the powder in the vial and take .10 cc’s each day. Make sure you pig out for the first two days of the shots.

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    stuff in support of visitors.

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