Dr Oz: HCG Weight Loss Controversy & Tips For Feeding Hungry Teenagers


Dr Oz February 6 2013

Dr. Oz talked with a doctor who believes that HCG shots are the key to helping her patients lose weight and keep it off. She shared success stories with Dr. Oz, along with the potential side effects if a person is given too high a dose. Did she convince Dr. Oz that HCG shots are good for weight loss? Keep reading to find out! Also, check out Dr. Oz’s advice for feeding hungry teenagers and his guidelines for purchasing packaged foods

Dr Oz: Gastric Bypass vs. HCG Shot & Is HCG Shot For Weight Loss Safe?

Dr. Oz talked with Dr. Sheri Emma who believes that HCG shots are a safe and effective way for women to lose weight. She shared her personal protocol that she said has helped over 1,000 people lose weight while retaining important muscle mass. Could the HCG shot work for you?

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