Dr Oz: Healthy Breakfast Ideas & Is a Mole with Hair Cancerous?


Dr Oz Recap January 24 2014

Dr. Oz started today’s show with a warning about caramel color and the harm it could be causing to your family while putting their health at risk. Learn which foods it is hiding in and find out how to protect your family! Next, Dr. Oz discusses the safety and effectiveness of antibacterial soap with Heather White of the Environmental Working Group. They explain why Triclosan is harmful and share ways to avoid products that contain the dangerous chemical. Also, find out what is really causing your back and learn ways to ease your discomfort with a foam roller and Epsom Salt Bath, plus Dr. Oz shares healthy breakfast ideas. Finally, Dr. Oz has the best ways to remove facial hair and he explains whether a mole with hair is cancerous.

Dr Oz: Caramel Color Linked to Cancer & What is 4-MEI?

Dr Oz: Healthy Breakfast Ideas & Is a Mole with Hair Cancerous?

Dr Oz explains whether you should be worried about a mole with hair and cancer.

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