Dr Oz Healthy Revenge Tips & Do Silver Fillings Cause Mercury Exposure


Dr Oz Recap March 28 2013

Dr. Oz began his March 28 2013 episode with an important discussion about silver fillings and the risk they pose to your health. Did you know mercury vapors are released every time you brush your teeth? Find out what information you need to know and how you can reduce your risk for mercury exposure! He then turned his attention to plastic surgery discount packages marketed toward newly divorced women. Are doctors taking advantage? Find out what they all have to say about this alarming new trend!

Dr Oz: Mercury Exposure Symptoms & Are Silver Fillings Dangerous?

It might surprise you to know those silver fillings you got at the dentist’s office as a child could be putting your health at risk. Dr. Oz shared the important symptoms to watch out for if you think you could have mercury exposure. Find out what dentists have to say about these fillings and what you should do if they are in your mouth!


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