Dr Oz: Healthy Steps Portion Control, S2H Pedometer & Gadgets


Dr Oz Kitchen Gadgets Review

Dr Oz’s show on November 25, 2011 has a fabulous segment where they review five different Kitchen Gadgets: the Healthy Steps Portion Control Tool, the Easy Cheesy Cheese Grater, a Salad Dressing Mixer, a Spiral Slicer by Helen’s Asian Kitchen and a S2H Pedometer.  I am completely in love with the concept behind the Spiral Slicer by Helen’s Asian Kitchen. Dr Oz S2H Step Pedometer This gadget takes vegetables, like zucchini for example, and make it into the same shape as spaghetti so that you can substitute vegetables for pasta in your favorite recipes.  What a brilliant idea!  I also think that the S2H Pedometer is the best pedometer Doctor Oz has shown on his television show up to this point.  The more you walk, the more points you get, which turns into money that you can spend at various stores online.  Talk about motivation – money always talks.  These are such great gift ideas!  Click on the following link to read more about the products and scroll to the bottom (in the comment section) to learn where you can buy these items: Healthy Gadgets.

Dr Oz: 5 Secrets Men Don’t Want You To Know

Doctor Oz did another segment on 5 Things Men Don’t Want You To Know.  Here is a brief summary of the 5 things that made Dr Oz’s list:


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