Dr Oz: Heart Attack Aspirin Dose, Fake Sushi, & Stroke Warning


Dr Oz Recap February 11 2013

Dr. Oz shared some startling information regarding food fraud that involves some of the foods you purchase every day for your family. Would you be able to recognize a fake piece of fish if it was served to you or could you tell the difference if your olive oil was not really extra virgin as promised on the label? Dr. Oz and his guests have some advice to help avoid some of the most common counterfeit foods. He also discussed the risks and warning relating to over-the-counter medications, like Ibuprofen and Acetaminophen.

Dr Oz: Sushi Scams, How to Avoid Fish Fraud & Escolar Ex-Lax Fish

Dr. Oz revealed some of the biggest food frauds happening at your grocery store right now and one of the biggest involves the fish that you purchase. Did you know that a huge percentage of Sushi is actually not the fish you think you are getting when you place your order? Find out how you can avoid being duped and stop putting your health at risk!

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