Dr Oz Highlights: Drink Up with Kola Cola & Skinny Cocktail Recipes


Dr Oz Highlights: Kola Cola & Diet Beverage List

Have you ever had someone toast to your health? If drinking alcohol seems counter-intuitive to good health, you can rest assured that Dr Oz gave some drinks his seal of approval this week. Whether you’re looking for adult beverages, kid-friendly soda substitutes, or quick items to pick up at the store, Dr Oz shared plenty of beverage ideas on his show. Here are some of the week’s best Dr Oz highlights.

Kola Cola Recipe with Kola Nut Extract

Kola Cola & Skinny Cocktails: Dr Oz Highlights

Dr Oz Highlights this week included quick beverage ideas, with Kola Cola recipes and fresh, low calorie Skinny Cocktails.

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