Dr Oz Highlights: Drink Up with Kola Cola & Skinny Cocktail Recipes

By on July 21, 2012

Dr Oz Highlights: Kola Cola & Diet Beverage List

Have you ever had someone toast to your health? If drinking alcohol seems counter-intuitive to good health, you can rest assured that Dr Oz gave some drinks his seal of approval this week. Whether you’re looking for adult beverages, kid-friendly soda substitutes, or quick items to pick up at the store, Dr Oz shared plenty of beverage ideas on his show. Here are some of the week’s best Dr Oz highlights.

Kola Cola Recipe with Kola Nut Extract

Kola Cola & Skinny Cocktails: Dr Oz Highlights

Dr Oz Highlights this week included quick beverage ideas, with Kola Cola recipes and fresh, low calorie Skinny Cocktails.

You know that Dr Oz isn’t a fan of soda. Regular soda is full of sugar, and Dr Oz doesn’t approve of most artificial sweeteners used in diet drinks. But he did share his own energy boosting fresh drink that you can make instead of soda. Check out Dr Oz’s Kola Cola Recipe, which uses Kola Nut Extract. Try serving it to your kids. Who knows? They might like it even more than the sugary stuff.

Skinny Sangria Recipe & Skinny Margarita Recipe

Who says you can’t enjoy summer cocktails while sticking to your diet plan? Dr Oz invited mixologist Anthony Caporale to share some inspired summer drinks that use fresh ingredients to cut calories without depriving you. Find out how you can make his Skinny Sangria Recipe and Skinny Margarita Recipe to enjoy by the pool or on the patio this weekend.

Uncle Matt’s Grapefruit Juice & V8: Dr Oz Diet Approved Drinks

Dr Oz shared a wildly popular list of 99 grocery items you can feel good about picking up in the grocery store. Since you don’t have time to prepare every meal from scratch, he knows you’re going to hit the supermarket for quick alternatives. The Dr Oz 99 Diet Foods Shopping List featured popular and healthy choices by category, including recommended beverages, such as Uncle Matt’s Organic Grapefruit Juice and V-8 Low Sodium Vegetable Juice.

Borage Oil Review for Hair Health

With age comes experience and wisdom. Unfortunately, age also brings hormonal changes and other health issues that you’ll have to confront. Women around age 40 not only have to prepare for menopause, but are also dealing with keeping their hair looking great. That’s why Dr Oz recommended Borage Oil and other Over 40 Health Supplements to help women be confident about their looks and replenish natural nutrients the body needs.

GTF Chromium Supplements & Cacao Nibs: Metabolism Boosters

Another issue you’ll have to confront through the years is maintaining a healthy metabolism. One day you’ll wake up and realize it’s not firing up like it used to. But the good new is that you can use Metabolism Supplements to encourage your body to bridge the gap and stay in great shape. Dr Oz’s recommendations included GTF Chromium Supplements and Cacao Nibs.

Dr Oz Recaps: July 16-20 2012

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