Dr Oz Highlights: Wash Out Your Mouth, Hair, Diet & Fridge

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Dr Oz Highlights: Wash Out Your Mouth, Hair, Diet & Fridge

By on August 4, 2012

Dr Oz: Low Cal Recipes & Beauty Secrets

If you missed Dr Oz this week, you missed a lot. He featured some low calorie approaches to an array of favorite recipes, from Fish Tacos and Fish & Chips to a cribbed Cinnabon recipe that’s actually not terrible for you. Plus, he reviewed beauty products, including hair care, acne soap and shapewear items that could be useful in your wardrobe. Here are this week’s Dr Oz Highlights.

Fish Tacos & Spinach Dip Recipes

Fish Tacos Recipe: Dr Oz Highlights

Dr Oz highlights included a Fish Tacos recipe and other low calorie approaches to classic favorite foods, to feed your cravings without the fat.

Dr Oz said the best way to lose weight is by eating the things you love. But they don’t have to be unhealthy to taste great. He challenged experts to whip up lighter versions of favorite foods, sharing the resulting bounty of delicious, healthier dishes. Check out his Fish Tacos Recipe and Spinach Dip Recipe, from among the highlights featured on the show.

Tresemme Hair Care & PanOxyl 10% Acne Soap Reviews

Are you taking the best possible care of your hair at home? Find out how you can get chlorine out of blond hair, and learn the benefits of hair care products from Tresemme & Giovanni Colorflage. Plus, Dr Oz reviewed various bar soap products to share his picks for dry skin and acne.

Mixing Medication With Alcohol

Do you know when it’s safe to mix medication with alcohol? There are often stickers on prescription bottles, but do you even notice them? Is one or two drinks OK? We often hear about overdoses or drug interactions among famous names in the tabloids, but did you know this is a problem on the rise among everyday people? Dr Oz and a pharmacist shared advice on how to protect yourself and your family.

Supermarket Bacteria & Vinegar Produce Wash

You may be grossed out to learn what Dr Oz revealed about supermarket shopping this week on his show. Did you know that the vegetable misters in the produce section are simply spraying bacteria onto your favorite foods? Find out what you can do about this, and learn to create Dr Oz’s Vinegar Produce Wash.

Dr Oz: Miracle Shapewear Review

Fashion guru Stacy Cox joined Dr Oz to help women take better advantage of the beauty products that can create a more slimming appearance. That takes the pressure off to lose weight, while still projecting a flattering image. Check out her advice about products such as Miracle Shapewear and the Braless Body Suit.

Dr Oz Recaps: July 30 – August 3 2012

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