Dr Oz Highlights: Green Coffee Bean Extract & Liver Detox Elixir

By on September 15, 2012

Dr Oz Highlights: Season 4 Premiere Week

Dr Oz was back this week with all new shows. Now’s your chance to catch up on what you might have missed. Here are some of the most talked about segments from the week, including the results of Dr Oz’s Green Coffee Bean Extract study and the Liver Elixir Recipe he said can detox your body.

Green Coffee Bean Extract Weight Loss Results

Dr Oz Highlights: Green Coffee Bean Extract

Dr Oz highlights from season 4 premiere week included Green Coffee Bean Extract weight loss results and the Liver Detox Elixir recipe.

After highlighting the supplement on his show last spring, Dr Oz was shocked at the response surrounding Green Coffee Bean Extract. So he put it to the test in a study of 100 women in his audience. Find out how much weight the women lost, and whether Dr Oz thinks this product is the real deal.

Dr Oz’s Morning Liver Elixir Recipe

When you think about your liver, you probably most associate it with too much partying, or maybe the warning on pain relievers. But it processes all the junk out of your body, so it’s important to keep it in good working order. Find out how Dr Oz said you can restart your liver with his Morning Liver Elixir Recipe from the show this week.

Dr Oz: Why Do Your Farts Smell So Bad?

This week, his staff turned the tables on Dr Oz, ratting him out for his own worst health problem: his silent but deadly gas. Check out what he and the audience learned about why farts can smell so foul and the different between passing gas quietly or making a loud noise in the process. It’s gross, but Dr Oz has never been shy about body topics.

Michelle Obama’s Biggest Health Fear: Multiple Sclerosis

Dr Oz had a one-on-one conversation with First Lady Michelle Obama, touching on a variety of topics relating to her passion for health and fitness. Find out what she fears the most about her own health, and what finally got the president to give up his smoking habit.

4 Steps for Releasing Emotional Baggage

Dr Oz invited a special audience to accompany him to the desert for a life-changing weekend. But first he gave the women–and viewers at home–the four steps you can use to help yourself leave emotional baggage behind for good.

Dr Oz Recaps: September 10-14 2012

In case you missed it, here is your chance to catch up on this week’s full episode recaps.

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