Dr Oz: Holistic Health Plan & Women’s Shocking Questions


Dr Oz June 24 2011

Dr Oz’s Show on June 24, 2011 is called Shocking Questions My Wife Is Too Afraid To Ask.  One husband told Doctor Oz that his wife has a black toenail, which turned out to be a nail fungus.  Dr Oz suggested trying an Anti-Fungal Cream with Terbinafine, such as Lamisil, or to use a garlic & oil mixture as a Nail Fungus Home Remedy.  Another husband said that his wife has really bad breathe.  Dr Oz said that she should first be checked out by a dentists, but if everything looks good in her mouth, then Bad Breathe can be a sign of GERD.  A third husband said that his wife has pain in her legs and that they are always cold and feel like the blood flow is constricted.  Dr Oz said that this is quite possibly Raynaud’s Syndrome and suggested using Moisture-Wicking Socks and taking L-Arginine daily.

Dr Oz & Yogi Cameron’s Holistic Health Plan

Doctor Oz did another segment with Alternative Health Guru Yogi Cameron Alborzian.  They showed us a brand new Dr Oz Holistic HealthHolistic Health Overhaul 28 Day Plan that claims to make you look and feel younger.  Yogi Cameron studied yoga in India for 10 years and now practices yoga both early in the morning and for another few hours at night.  Click here for a full recap of Yogi Cameron’s segment on the Dr Oz Show: Dr Oz & Yogi Cameron Alborzian.

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