Dr Oz: Honey vs Sugar + Sitting with Legs Crossed Causes Blood Clots?


Dr Oz Recap April 23 2014

Dr. Oz started today’s show by talking about a controversial new ingredient that enhances your taste buds and could lead to addiction of certain unhealthy foods. Find out how to avoid Sweetmyx and learn what involvement the FDA has in the manufacturing process. Next, Dr. Oz has an important health warning about blood clots and sitting with you legs crossed. Find out how it could be dangerous and learn the signs of a blood clot that you should not ignore. Plus, Dr. Oz talks to a hair expert about ways you can strengthen your hair and make it look younger than ever before! Finally, find out why Dr. Oz loves honey so much and get his recommendation for using it in place of sugar when baking.

Dr Oz: Sweetmyx Sweet Taste Enhancer + Is Sweetmyx FDA-Approved?

Dr. Oz discusses a new sweetener the food industry does not want you to know about because it could secretly get you hooked on


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