Dr Oz: How Soy Fights Heart Disease & Try Qigong to Reduce Stress


Dr Oz Recap January 21 2014

Dr. Oz started today’s show by sharing a brand new superfood that could hold the secret to fighting fatigue and bringing energy back to your life! Learn the health benefits of black rice, also known as forbidden rice, and find out why Dr. Oz says it needs to be on your next shopping list! Next, Dr. Oz reveals the truth about soy when he and dietitian Ashley Koff discuss which soy products are healthy and which ones are bad for you. Also, learn how soy fights heart disease! Have you ever wondered why you sometimes wake up with a sore jaw? TMJ could be to blame, so Dr. Oz explains how to diagnose and treat the painful disorder. Finally, Dr. Oz shared two Chinese healing practices that treat your health issues from the inside out, including Acupuncture for allergies and Qigong to reduce stress.

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