Dr Oz: How To Get Seen Faster In the ER & Living & Dying In Brick City


Dr Oz Recap April 4 2013

Dr. Oz shared the surprising link between your personality and your health. Could your type be making you sick? Take Dr. Oz’s Personality Type Quiz and see if it is putting your health at risk. Then, learn ways to change your personality so you can be healthy and live longer! Dr. Oz also sat down with Dr. Sampson Davis, an emergency room physician in Newark, New Jersey, who shared how he overcame adversity to become a doctor and save lives in the community where he grew up.

Dr Oz Personality Type Quiz & Personality Type A vs Personality Type B

Have you ever taken a personality test? Would you consider yourself a Type A or Type B personality? Maybe you have an entirely different personality, so Dr. Oz has a quiz to help you determine your type and the effect it could be having on your health. Keep reading to take the quiz and find out more!


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