Dr Oz: How To Live Like Jesus & Tips To Overcome Your Claustrophobia


Dr Oz Recap March 27 2013

Dr. Oz started his March 27 2013 show by sitting down with Mark Burnett and his wife Roma Downey. They talked about their research while preparing for their production of The Bible on the History Channel and what it taught them about how Jesus lived. Dr. Oz shared what Jesus ate as well at the Bible food laws you can follow to live more like he did. Dr. Oz also explained some of your weirdest quirks and strangest behaviors. Find out if yours made the list!

Dr Oz: History Channel’s The Bible Review & What Foods Did Jesus Eat?

Dr. Oz sat down with Mark Burnett, who was the executive producer of The Bible on the History Channel. He and his wife Roma Downey talked about what they learned about how Jesus lived as well as their belief in the power of prayer.


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