Dr. Oz: How to Manage Anger & Transgender Teen Jazz Jennings Speaks Out


Dr. Oz July 22, 2015 Recap

Dr. Oz had a great episode on July 22, 2015, talking to a transgender teen named Jazz Jennings. He also discussed how to manage mood swings, innovative uses for apple cider vinegar, the ideal length of a workout, and celebrity health trends. Check it all out below!

Dr. Oz talked about how to change your mood swings on his show July 22, 2015. (jm_photos/flickr)

Dr. Oz talked about how to control your mood swings on his show July 22, 2015. (jm_photos/flickr)

Dr. Oz: Jazz Jennings on Her Transition & Growing Up Transgender

Dr. Oz talked to Jazz Jennings, a 14-year-old transgender girl, who talked about her experiences growing up as transgender and how she dealt with puberty.


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